Help protect Burntwood’s green belt

Sign the petition and keep the pressure on local Conservatives to oppose building on Burntwood’s Green Belt¬†

In 2013 the Local Plan Inspector said:Burntwood MapSat

“100. There is, therefore, no clear advantage in the suggestion that one or other of the greenfield sites referred to above should be allocated for housing either to replace urban capacity sites or to provide additional capacity should the East of Burntwood Bypass SDA not deliver the number or type of housing anticipated.

101. All of these other sites are in Green Belt and, to repeat a point made earlier, Green Belt boundaries should be altered only in exceptional circumstances. Moreover, one of the purposes of Green Belt is to assist in urban regeneration by encouraging the recycling of urban land. It is difficult to see how releasing housing sites in the Green Belt as an alternative to developing urban sites or the East of Burntwood Bypass SDA would assist the regeneration of Burntwood, which is one of the Strategic Objectives of the Plan.

102. The alternative sites put forward at Burntwood are not, therefore, preferable to the strategy proposed in the Plan of focussing development in the urban area on land outside the Green Belt. ”

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