Lichfield District’s Cabinet meets on Tuesday to consider housing proposals

Join them at 6pm on Tuesday 7th March if you want to show your concern over losing green belt land around Burntwood

Lichfield ‘s Conservative Cabinet will be deciding on the proposals for housing, Green Belt land and much more which will be put out for consultation later this year.  This will be an opportunity for residents that do not wish to lose the green belt south of Highfields Road in Hammerwich Parish and off Coulter Lane in Burntwood Parish to show their concern.

greenbeltDevelopers want to build (at least to start with) 80 houses off Coulter Lane and 250 off Highfields Road.

The 2013 Green Belt Review weakened the status of the Green Belt parcel of land (E1) which makes it more difficult, but not impossible, to oppose the developers.  In the case of Highfields Road this Green Belt parcel (S1) is still intact but the Council seems to be suggesting it should also be taken out of Green Belt and of course the Government has overturned local views as we have seen above!

In the Curborough case the land was not in the Green Belt but the Local Plan had gone through the legal process and Lichfield District Council had identified other sites to meet local housing needs.

You can view the Cabinet report here.  The relevant Appendix on housing is this one.

You should email your local district councillors:

For Coulter Lane (Highfield Ward): and .

For Highfields Road (Hammerwich and Wall Ward): .

You may also want to copy the Cabinet member responsible for the Local Plan: .

Your invisible MP, who has supported the National Planning Policy Framework that councils have to comply with can be contacted via his website (where you will find no reference to the Green Belt issue) or by writing to him at House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 1AA.




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