Actions speak louder than bluster

In September last year our knowledgeable MP, Michael Fabricant discovered Food Hygiene Ratings.

He found that one of his favourite Indian Restaurants was rated just ONE star by Lichfield District Council’s Environmental Health Department. Mind you it could have been the Thai Rainbow Restaurant as he has got his Chinese Spring Rolls mixed up with his Indian Samosas – on camera.

He said: “Hygiene ratings should be visible with the scores being ideally placed in the restaurant window or door before you enter. Trip Advisor scores are often on display, but they don’t indicate the safety of the food being served. This has got to change.”

LDCciviclunchSo what did he do earlier this month? Join the Lichfield District Council’s Civic Lunch at the Old School House, Weeford. Did he ensure they put their Food Hygiene Rating on the door before he left? What do you think?

It is always worth checking out before visiting – and you might be surprised how many low star hygiene rated restaurants are in Burntwood and Lichfield District.  Even our Leisure Centre has only three stars!  You can see the Inspection Reports on line.


Burntwood Town Council spends extra money to avoid chauffeurs: Lichfield District reducing theirs?

Burntwood Conservatives on the Town Council voted to spend over £500 on a civic chain for the Chairman’s consort – so he didn’t get mixed up with the chauffeurs!

Next week Lichfield District Conservative Cabinet are due to make a decision on their chauffeur and civic car and things like lunches.

Labour councillors had persuaded Lichfield District Council to issue a questionnaire during May and June 2014 to find out what residents thought about council services.  Almost 90 per cent of respondents to the suggestion, to save money: “Stop having a Chairman’s car and driver” said “yes”.

A report to the Cabinet recommends that the Civic Duties Allowance be reduced from £6,490 to £3250 but that the annual £16,830 chauffeur and car bill only be reduced by about £3000.

It is a reasoned report but possibly purchasing a diesel car is not good news and possibly contradicts their state procurement policy.


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Burntwood Town Council – but not as we know it

Since the Conservatives won control of the Town Council last May controversy and U turns have followed.

60percent was the increase in Council Tax proposed in January by the Conservative Leadership, Councillor Mosson and his two – yes two – deputies (the district and county council’s only have one each) but Labour’s questioning has almost halved it to (only) a 33% increase for council taxpayers!

Astonishingly the budget meeting itself was moved just to suit the Leader who couldn’t make it and presumably couldn’t trust his two deputies to , er, deputise for him!

And now the Old Mining College fiasco.

Chasetown Mining College was renamed The Old Mining College in 1998 when it was converted by the County Council into a community resource centre.  It was renamed but they did keep the “Mining College” part.

OMCAt the Town Council meeting on the 28th of January the Conservatives proposed to change it to “The Town Hall” – not even Burntwood Parish Hall or anything but plain old “The Town Hall” – giving the impression there aren’t any others in the country.

Labour objected to this and now it looks like they are backtracking although we would advise you to sign the petition to keep the old name just in case.

Even the daughter of one of the leading Conservative members has publicly objected to it  and must surely have been distraught to see it being proposed!






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