Cabinet agrees to include Green Belt sites around Burntwood for housing

Highfields Road site had already been rejected previously by the public but the Council are trying again!

Last night Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet agreed to include the Green Belt sites, off Coulter Lane, Burntwood (80 houses) and off Highfields Road in Hammerwich Parish (250 houses) in the consultation for housing sites in the Local Plan. This despite hundreds of letters, emails and a 900-name petition.

GBpledgeOn December 12th the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committee also agreed to keep these Green Belt sites in the proposed housing allocation sites for consultation and recommended this to the Cabinet last night.

Interestingly the Inspector of the District Council’s Local Plan in 2015 noted that the Highfields Road site had already been rejected following the Review of Green Belt boundaries in 2013 but the Conservative Cabinet doesn’t seem to have accepted that consultation – a bit like the consultation on charging for brown bins when 70% or respondents said no!

Here is a link to the Inspector’s report and paragraphs 126 to 133 refer to Burntwood.

Steve Norman attended the meeting along with about 40 other members of the public.  He said: “Clearly the two cabinet members who represent these two areas were allowed to raise issues and vote against – knowing full well that the other six Cabinet members will vote to go ahead.   It is not an unusual ploy to allow an individual councillor to object  - providing the controlling Group is assured it will not lose the vote and I predict that this will be repeated at the Council meeting on the 11th of April.”




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